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Buy ELCARE'S Cutical Nail Serum is a one-stop solution to all your nail & Cuticles problems. Infused with active plant- based ingredients this Cutical nail serum is a must buy potent blend for rapid results and nourishes at deeper level the nails and cutical skin area.You can see visible results instantly with the use of this Cutical nail serum and can feel the difference in overall texture of your nails and Cuticle area.

This advanced Cuticle Nail Care formula with active ingredient such as field horsetail, bamboo and strengthening collagen present in this Nail Serum Nourishes brittle, dry nails and nourishes overall nail cuticle and skin area. A natural solution for improving your nail strength and good to treat various nail infections that leave nails discoloured and brittle by caring for your cuticles and palm skin.



  • Fast-absorbing and non -greasy.
  • A Potent Blend for Rapid Results.
  • Replenish the skin & Cutical are at a deeper cellular level.

This Cuticle Nail Serum on to your nails, just like polish every day. Cuticles seals the gap between the nails and skin area to protect penetration of contaminants and bacteria.One cannot avoid exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun and the intruding pollutants infused in the air this makes this Cutical Nail Serum a Must Buy for your Nails and Cuticles.

ELcare's Cutical Nail Serum, give dry, Brittle nails the nourishment they crave with this rich, multi-benefit Formula. Enriched with active plant extracts and minerals, This Cuticle Nail Serum brushes on easily and moisturises, conditions and revitalises weak nails, restoring their strength and flexibility.

Top Benefits - Buy Cutical Nail Serum- 5 in 1 Care for Nails, Cuticles & Skin Area

      Safe & Easy to use - Long Lasting results - Save Time & Money- 100% Natural

  • You are supporting 100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Environment Friendly products buying this Cutical Nail Serum.
  • Easier on the Skin: Biggest problems with synthetic skincare products is that they are harmful to some individuals’ skin and Certain ingredients contained within these products can cause everything from swelling to redness to itchiness to outright allergic reaction, so they’re better avoided altogether. Our products contain most of the plant derived active ingredients which have immediate effects and are free of irritants.
  • Happy and healthy - clean beauty You are making the choice to use safe, nourishing products to enrich Skin, Body, Mind, and Life, so you can be the best version of yourself.
  • We have only nontoxic products, with regulations or ethical standards saying we will produce products that are not harmful. We stress one goal: care with nature.
  • Value for Money: There is a price point for everyone in choosing a natural skincare product to invest in. Remember quality over quantity and you get what you pay for! That is exactly what our products encourages; high quality active ingredients, a greener platform, and benefits that will thank you later in the future.
  • Trustworthy Partner: We value your trust, so we believe in telling the truth. We disclose our ingredients that is in our products and all certifications and lab test reports which shows clearly what our product can and cannot do. We are committed to selling our products at a fair price with building up the bond of trust.

Direction To Use

Cleanse your nails and cuticle before applying the Cutical nail serum. Use a dropper to apply the ELcare’s Cutical Nail Serum on each nail, from the free end towards the cuticles. Let this Cutical Nail Serum serum get absorbed by the nails before applying another product over the nails or hand.

For Effective Results, Use Twice daily preferably before sleep, 2-3 drops of Cutical Nail Serum should be dropped on each hand (washed and dryed) and massaged gently around the nail and cuticle area.

It is advisable to gently massage Cutical Nail Serum for 5-10 minutes over Nail, Cuticles and Palm Skin Area.

Avoid contact of this Cutical Nail Serum with eyes. In case of any contact with the eyes, please wash your eyes with water immediately.

Important instruction

  • Legal Disclaimer: ELCARE brand owned by ELCUR Private Limited and above product is manufactured under supervision of ELCUR PRIVATE LIMITED, hereby declares you a self-life of the Cutical Nail Serum between 18-24 months, if stored as per guidelines. For any clarification or information related to Cutical Nail Serum you may write to [email protected].
  • Safety Information: This Cutical Nail Serum should be used for external use and to be kept away from the children. Cutical Nail Serum should not be Ingest.
  • Effective Use: Apply Cutical Nail Serum Twice daily, to fight damage caused by sun, dehydration, environmental pollutants, and other factors. Smooth a small amount after cleaning, Pat and Drying the skin & nail area before applying any product. Please refer to the Cutical Nail Serum covering for further information.

How to pick the best serum: Buy Cutical Nail Serum

Method of Selection

While there are varieties in choices for Nail Serums from the market, we suggest you choose the best Nail Serum scientifically and emotionally. Every Serums should be used as soon as possible because they oxidise fast when they encounter the air or moisture and the light. Oxidised  Nail Serums loose its potency making it less effective for your Nail, Cuticles & Skin Area.

  • Packaging – Choose wisely
    • In Small quantities, Preferrable 15ML.
    • Dark Coloured or opaque Glass Bottles.
    • Airtight Bottles – fitted with dispensers and droppers.
    • Safely packed in Isolated Cuppa boxes.
  • Uses – Use carefully
    • Use one product for one person.
    • Where applicable use it with face rollers for better results.
    • Avoid skin contact from droppers and dispensers or rollers.
  • Ingredient - Check thoroughly
    • Potent ingredients
    • Permissible and active percentage
  • Base – Absorbability of the product
    • Water base is advance
    • Better absorbability and active results
  • Fragrance – Chemical free
    • 100% Natural fragrance
  • The formula – 100% Natural
    • Chemical free
    • Paraben free
    • Sulphate free
    • GMO free.

It is recommended that you buy smaller quantity bottles and buy new ones whenever it is over, to have access to fresh and potent products.

                                               JOIN US ON OUR MISSION "GO NATURAL!"

                                                                                        ELIMIMNATE SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE.


                                                                               BUY CUTICAL NAIL SERUM by ELCARE



Horsetail is a fern that contains many beneficial compounds, notably antioxidants and silica. It is believed to have multiple medicinal properties and is mostly used to improve skin, hair, and bone health.Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body to prevent cell damage. Meanwhile, silica is a compound comprised of silicon and oxygen. It’s believed to be responsible for horsetail’s potential benefits for skin, nails, hair, and bones.


Collagen treats the brittleness of the nails while stimulating the growth of healthy nails that can undergo extensive nail treatment.


With Purifying and detoxifying properties, Bamboo extracts contain vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and calcium which keeps your skin and nail cutical area safe from free radicals and keeps your skin comparatively supple and moisturised. It helps the nails to get rid of impurities. Bamboo extracts boost the strength of nails as well.


Wheat protein replenishes the health of nails and provides moisture and hydration. It is one of the most necessary active ingredients for improve the texture of the overall nail. With high selenium content, An antioxidant, which is a needed element to fight against infections and helps in preventing dryness and brittleness of the nails.


With high content of folic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin K, Cutical Oil contains Contain Plant Compounds with Powerful Medicinal Properties and known to have many anti-aging and Anti-Bacterial benefits. Pomegranate is thought to contain natural antimicrobials from vitamin C, which may help fight bacteria and fungus for your nail cuticle and skin area.

For more information on visit our Ingredients page.


Aqua, Vegetable Glycerine, Cuticle Extract (Apricot, Sweet Almond, Wheat Germ Water Soluble), Aloevera Extract, Cuticle Extract Field Horsetail, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Allantoin, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Tween 20, Vitamin –E, Hydrolysed Corn Protein & Soya Protein, Bamboo Extract, Vegetable Collagen, Clover Flower, Pumpkin Seed, Ginger Root, Keratin, Biotin, Vegetable Collagen, Cuticle Extract of Pomegranate, Extract of Grapefruit, Avocado, Sodium Gluconate.


Buy Cutical Nail Serum is with 100% Natural Fragrance

"Synthetic fragrance is a man-made scent that's generally created in a lab, often using toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, petroleum and natural gas by-products and most of the beauty industry still uses synthetic fragrance, despite its harmful health implications and blatant dangers. At ELcare, we have pledged from the beginning to never use synthetic fragrance in any of our products and we are not stopping there we are 100% committed to educating our community. We believe everyone have a right as a consumer to know exactly what is going on their skin. We put our hard efforts, using mix of both advanced resources and traditional methodology, to bring you, our community, products that make you feel real and happy with your own skin.

WONDERFUL & AMAZING RESULTS - A Must Buy for Nails & Cuticle Care

ELcare's Cutical Nail Serum, with regular application will hydrate your nails & cuticle, providing them a natural sheen. This Cutical Nail Serum will heal your nails, cuticle and palm Skin from any damage done by chemicals, ageing, water or pollutants while promoting the growth of healthy, longer, and stronger nails and cuticles. Cutical Nail Serum come with its natural blend of nutrients and hydrating elements, this Cutical Nail Serum treats the damage and provides strength to the nails and recondition palm skin areas.

Cutical Nail Serum is enriched with minerals and proteins to make your nails look healthy and shiny, one must Buy Advance formulated Cutical Nail Serum by ELcare.

Impressive Results - A Must Buy

  • Reinforce the strength of your nails with the unique multi-nutrient formula.
  • Treat dry and damaged nails with a hydrating solution.
  • Stimulate the growth of healthy fingernails and toenails that are longer and thicker than before.


We expose our nails to soap, hard-water, harsh chemicals present in nail colors, etc. The result is brittle and dry nails and also cutical around the nails infected due to pollutants and ageing. This Cutical Serum hydrates the nail bed while repairing the damage done to it while working on cuticals which make it a must buy serum. It also strengthens the nail and promotes growth and natural shine.

GO NATURAL for Radiant Life!


Keep Cutical Nail Serum bottle tightly closed after use. Store in a Cool Dry and Dark space at room temperature.


Cutical Nail Serum is for ExternaL Use Only.Avoid direct contact with Eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

For any Information and details related to this Cutical Nail Serum contact at 1800-212-1324 and write us at [email protected]


It is perfectly suitable and beneficial for you, go ahead and buy this Cutical Nail Serum. Yes, our this Cutical Nail Serums are formulated for all skin types and age with no side effects and are irritation free, please make sure that before application skin area should be washed with chemical free product as chemical products can cause irritation.

Highly efficacious on all skin types, our range of products i.e., Serum, Essential oil, and Face Rollers help you in recovering your skin from acne, skin pigmentation, redness, dark circles and dryness, puffiness. While the usage of our serum is not just limited to the face, it can be used for plumpy Lips and Undereye Puffiness cases like Nail brittleness and weakness, Eyelash thinning & poor quality of Brows, Hair thinning and hair aliments like Hair fall and Dry Scalp or Scalp Acne. The serum works like magic to help you recover from the problems and regain your lost skin, Nails, Lashes & Brows, and hair beauty.

How long it takes for results?

Ofcourse, not with the first use of Cutical Nail Serum, you have to be patient since you will not see results immediately, our products deliver rapid results than chemically developed and processed body and skincare products. You can easily feel the difference by completing 1st course of Pack.

Natural products are trusted since ages for a reason; they work miraculously, provided they are used regularly followed by a proper methodology and stored appropriately in a cool area to retain product potency. The result is to help the body to uncover its potential to heal and renew itself and to bring about visible change that you can begin to see immediately.

Get in a habit of applying one, Twice daily Morning and Evening.


Answer is Yes, Serums are the must have products and cannot miss trends.


Faster and lighter are the qualities many of us look for in a car, a laptop, and our bodies when we are running a marathon. They are also the prized attributes of skincare serums - light, fast-absorbing liquids used as an alternative to present day cosmetics and creams.

The biggest difference between a serum and a cream or lotion is what the formulation does not include. Serums leave out occlusive, or airtight, moisturizing ingredients such as petroleum or mineral oil that keep water from evaporating.


Products directly sourced from nature have been used by our grandmothers and mothers since ages. We have a heritage of applying naturally extracted ingredients for youthful and radiating beauty. Natural products are unmatchable. They have worked for many people in the past, and the secrets have been passed on to generations. Our serums, keeping the traditional secrets, have been the favourite of many happy customers. Currently, in the age of chemicals, it is their secret: nature.

  • Nourishes at deeper level.
  • Loaded with Natural & Organic ingredients.
  • Instant visible results.
  • Plant based potent ingredients.
  • Zero chemical and 100% toxin free.


Who does not want a Radiant Skin? Sadly, radiance of the skin goes off with ageing skin and most of us were not able to balance it with our fast lifestyle and get weaker Lashes, Brows and Nails, Acne, Dark circles, Lips and Un-healthy scalp resulting in dandruff and hair loss.

It’s general and natural problem, so don’t hesitate and we have solution of this.


We believe in providing safe and effective solutions – for radiant skin, healthy scalp, nourished hair, longer and fuller lashes and good brows with plumpy lips and remove puffiness of under eye and dark circles. We make your inner beauty come alive with the revitalising and nourishing properties of authentic and pure 100% natural ingredients. Natural anti-ageing and hydrating components leave you looking your absolute best, while our pure organic essential oils help you stay calm and relaxed.

Used and loved by people across the world, our products contain the goodly essence of nature. The products help you protect your body from all skin ailments like skin dryness, flakiness, Acne, Pigmentation, and hair problems like hair fall, thinning of hair and greying, acne and dandruff. Our experts have researched to provide the best for your delicate skin, hair and body and help it regain and preserve the original shine and glow.


Nature is the best Doctor. It shows us the value of staying close to the roots and preserving them. In the world of adulteration, we try to bring you the 100% pure and the best quality from the world of nature, that suits your Body, Skin, Nail and Hair. With potent plant based raw material used and sealed in a sustainable packaging, based on a continuous research and development of innovative products our range of offerings are created to bring you the truest essence of nature for you and all your skincare needs.

Every high-quality ingredient in our line of premium personal care products is chosen for its authenticity and effectiveness. As Ayurveda joins hands with Nature, we harness the goodness of pure and fresh natural ingredients to ensure that every product that reaches your hands is free of chemicals and with "ZERO” synthetic fragrances.


You can avoid ingredients while purchasing skincare products are Fragrance, parabens, sulphates, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene/petroleum, propylene glycol, and sunscreen chemicals. These range from carcinogens (ingredients proven to cause cancer) to endocrine-disruptors (converting in your body as hormones), immune toxins to fatal-developmental toxins. We are sure that if you are choosing, you would want products preferably produced without these silent killers!

We agree to the fact that Yes, “We are slightly expensive than the drugstore items but not more expensive than well-known skin care and makeup brands available from your local makeup store to department store. Prices are truly based in these cases on cost of ingredients and methods adopted during formulation of these products. It costs more to farm in more sustainable ways or without toxic pesticides, to certify products as 100% NATURAL, KOSHER, ISO-IAF, WHO-GMP, and LAB TESTED, to source them from other countries that have better quality ingredients, and so on. It’s worth the extra money if you can trust what you’re getting, and it will nourish your body in the way you intend "Knowledge and transparency are keys to this kind of success.”

With our care with nature products, you will be benefited with

Less inflammation and functioning at your optimal level! A longer and healthier life! Your well-being overall!"

Which means, more energy, more thought clarity, stronger resistance to disease, better organ function, less toxicity, no skin irritations, lowering your risk of cancer, hormone imbalance, and immune compromise.”

The choice is yours: An age-old secret of retaining the natural radiance or a chemically prepared ingredients at a lesser price that causes more harm than good to your body. Choose the best that suits your skin.


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ramakant yadav 21/03/2021

Very useful product

vandana 13/04/2021

My nails never grow but after using it ,it grows so fast and after finishing it I will be ordering more

Sneha Mishra 13/04/2021

Packaging is very good & its very useful for nail.

Kanjul Khare 26/04/2021

Very Nice

Trupti Tewari 28/04/2021

Amazing is not the word !!! I had very weak nails which peeled of every time they grew a little .. I have been using ELCARE nail serum since a month now and the result is fabulous. Nails are now stronger than before.. definitely recommend



Shibani Das 04/05/2021

it is a really good product . very useful for nail growrh it really works i have used since few weeks

ROSHAN AKTHAR 06/05/2021

My wife is using this since 6 months results are appreciable. Thank u ELcare

Priya 06/05/2021

It is a very good product it has started working my nails would'nt grew but now my nail has grew like 1 inch in 10 days and usually in 10 days it doesn't grown half inch so this is a miracle buy and give review It is a very good product it has started working my nails would'nt grew but now my nail has grew like 1 inch in 10 days and usually in 10 days it doesn't grown half inch so this is a miracle buy and give review Adorable 1st time this happened.

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